Our story

​A story of a woman obsessed with fragrance and her 10-year-old compositions come to life. Lorelei Parfums is a passion project with a romantic plot line of self-expression.

Like the titular folklore it was named after, Lorelei, we wish to beguile the senses and capture the heart. May you find a scent that calls out to you and create your own love story with it.

Lorelei Parfums is an indie perfumery single-handedly run by founder and perfumer, Joie, located in South Florida. Every little detail of Lorelei Parfums is done by her, from the formulations of our fragrances and label design to the photos you see on social media (unless stated otherwise) to the copies you see on our website (including this little bit).

Unbeknownst to her Lorelei Parfums sprang to life ten years ago when she formulated her very first fragrance. She never thought or planned to bring her personal compositions out into the world. It was merely a fun hobby to learn, explore, and create.

Until one day, it dawned on her; maybe it was time to turn her passion into tangible dreams. And so here we are; Lorelei Parfums is liquid storytelling of her experiences and emotions. But at the center of it all, it is fueled by the art of romanticism captured in indie fine fragrance.

Joie has always dreamed of creating something bigger than herself; something for dreamers and sprouts alike to rest their weary minds to and nurture their souls with.